48, Edmonton, Канада

Bedroom - Candles,
Goosebumps Skin -  Bijou ,
Ropes - No fear,
Weird gear - happy tear,
Shadows, Leather - Sent of You...
Let us hear - oh my Dear,
Screams and Moaning,
for "Good Morning"

Spreading legs with Fires,
Candles burning with desires...
Your skin - My sin...
Are you really Surprised!!
Oh my God, not only once,
You beg a chance, for such romance!
You Wanted hot - an burning hot - Relised,
"OH, No...A purple  spot"...
you know ...no  miss!

Shadows will transforme your dreams,
Promise - Both enjoy the screams...
Chains and cuffs, I'm sensing Booo...
Let me choke your throat with glue...

If you get to this point of the fiesta,
You cant stop ...to gey my best... off,
Once we top the Tea with Ram...
Stick in dark will win the bum,
Shadows, Chaos, Sweet perfume...
Everything in wax??? ...Ca-Boom...!!!


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