In this Madden NFL 20 running guide, we have some tips to help you run the orb effectively in the new Madden 20 .


Madden 20

O line

You don't need very high RBK data, more than 93. 93 RBK can easily push the defense line of 96 + BKS and provide you with the space you need. Players like fo Lang are ideal.

Tight end

Many players are suitable for this position. However, players with high RBK data (such as Eric ebron) are well suited for this position and should have no problem blocking anyone (from Mike Daniels to Sean Lee).

Half back

Contrary to popular belief, Rb with high statistics is not worth it. Players like SS Murray are enough. You need to learn spam hit / X until he breaks 2 lb tackles and disengages. He has a secret failure rate recovery feature that enables him to recover the failure rate twice every half. Another player that can be used is OOP hill, because his arms are stiff, so mixing them together has an advantage.

Play call

You can call many games, so many players end up thinking too much about the various games they can call. A very simple way to call a match is to find a central formation with two TEs and then choose a continuous match. This is very common, whether you want to go outdoor diving or run to the weaker side to avoid hitting 2 pounds on the pipeline, it will provide you with protection.

How to sell gold / silver players' Madden Coins quickly

I'm new to mut. Can you sell coin cards quickly instead of training? Sorry, the basic question

Even if they offer a quick sell option, you can earn more by selling at an auction house. You should be able to get 600 coins aged 62-65 and 900-1000 coins aged 66-69.

But don't forget the silver. I sold a lot of silver on the first day and I hope I can put them in the silver token.


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