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What does a printer technician do?

IT support specialists offer help and advice to people and organizations with software or computer equipment. Some of the so-called computer network support specialists support IT employees in your organization. Others, called computer user support specialists, provide support to users who do not have IT and who have computer problems.

Computer user support specialists generally do the following:

·         See customer descriptions of computer problems.

·         Ask the client questions to diagnose the problem correctly.

·         Guide customers through best troubleshooting practices

·         Set up or repair computer devices and related devices.

·         Provide other team members and organization leaders with information about the causes that cause most customer problems and what other issues customers have

IT support specialists, also known as help desk technicians, generally provide technical assistance to computer users without IT skills. They respond to requests for help by phone and email. You can usually help users remotely, but you can also visit the website to solve a problem personally.

Help desk technicians can solve numerous problems that vary by industry and company. Some technicians work for big S/W companies or customer service companies and must provide corporate clients with instructions on how to use company-specific programs, for example. For example, an electronic medical records program used in hospitals or medical…

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