Условия за ползване

Everyone registered on Limpa.bg agrees to the terms of service and therefore must comply with them.

Terms of service

Limpa.bg is free (except additional services) and using it works on "as is" principal. Limpa.bg owners are not responsible for possible consequences arising from using the site. Limpa.bg owners remain the right to change site terms of service according to necessity, changes will be displayed on this page.

We ask the people who do not agree with the Limpa.bg terms of service not to use the Limpa.bg site. All of the damage caused by violating this rule, makes the person who causes the damage fully responsible. There will be no refunds of the virtual money if the users account is blocked. Limpa.bg can also completely block virtual money on a user's account when needed.

If Limpa.bg owners do not want to offer service to a certain Limpa.bg site user, they can block this user's account without explanation.

It is forbidden to use personal data which does not belong to you in your profile. Every user can have only one account. Repeated accounts will be blocked without warning.

It is forbidden to send chain letters or spam using your Limpa.bg mailbox. Using mailboxes, forums, comments to advertise any products, firms, services etc. is also forbidden.

Threatening, offensive or indecent content is forbidden, be it in public forum, private messages, picture comments or Limpa.bg usernames. Distributing religious beliefs, racist propaganda or other unethical and illegal activities are also forbidden. When using Limpa.bg, you have to remain polite, when communicating with other users.

It is forbidden to use any kind of programs or scripts to see accounts, etc..

It is forbidden to disturb the privacy and comfort of users by trying to access their accounts, etc..

Punishments will be made in accordance to the level of the violation. A warning may be made by a moderator if the violation is unintentional and easy. You cannot protest against the warning or note made by a moderator. If the violation is heavier, the account will be blocked without a warning and without a chance to get it back.

Data processing

Agreeing with terms of service of Limpa.bg, a user allows to use his/her opened informanion (photos and other personal informaion which is on the site)

1. to provide services by Limpa.bg.
2. for service and marketing by Limpa.bg owners, which includes offering users more personal, comfortable and innovative solutions by Limpa.bg owners and through Limpa.bg partners.
3. for Limpa.bg owners' own goals if using user's data, including pictures, if it is not in conflict with general ethics and unconstitutional according to European Union law.

Using services and applications of Limpa.bg, a user agrees to give his/her data to the third party, participating in rendering of services (excluding the owners of Limpa.bg and enterprises owned by this cocernt). Refusing terms mentioned above, a user also refuses the rendered service.

Owners of Limpa.bg guarantee not to publish your photos or other information in online or offline editions that are not in accordance with the European Union law.

Agreeing with the terms of service of the site, the user gives Limpa.bg the right to send messages, containing advertising, and to send to the e-mail advertisement from Limpa.bg or from partners.

The owners of Limpa.bg guarantee, that they will not distribute any e-mail addresses or personal information of the users, according to the point mentioned above (2).

The order of adding photos

Pornographic or erotic photos are forbidden. Moderators decide where the limit is between pornographic/erotic and which is not. Obscene or insulting photos and photo names are not allowed. By character illegal, agitating racism, hostile or violent (for example aiming at somebody with a gun) photos are forbidden.

Photos that show drugs and/or drinking alcohol or smoking are forbidden. Moderators may forbid photos if it is obvious that people in them are drunk, if alcohol or cigarettes are main characters in the photos or if the comment to the photo encourages drinking or smoking. Cannabis leaf is also a drug sign.

Child photos are forbidden. A photo is considered a child photo if it is a photo of a person under 16 years old.

Photos are forbidden which contain an advertisement in either the photo or in the photo's name and also which include a company's or photo maker's (including photo processor's or a group dealing with processing) logo on the photo edge. If the Limpa.bg username and account do not contain advertisements, then it's allowed to show this username in the photo and under the photo as a owner/maker/processor - "made by..." or just written. In the photos as well as in the photo's name it's forbidden to use the copyright sign ©.

There can be only one copy of a photo on your account.

It is forbidden to upload photos which may be copyrighted (e.g., photos belonging to some fashion agency) and someone else's photos. It is forbidden to upload photos in which there people if the owner doesn't have the right to show them. It is also forbidden to add details that are copyright (backgrounds, logos, etc.). It's forbidden to add photos without people, for instance photos that depict animals, flowers, etc...

In case of copyright violation suspicion, please talk first to the offending profile owner who has published photo on Limpa.bg. If violation continues despite of the correspondence, please send an email to our support service. Please copy-paste to the e-mail message all previous correspondence with copyright offender (including message titles and dates). If you see someone using your picture without your consent, please send us a link to the offenders account and to the picture in question and label it as "offender". Also send us a link to your profile and label it as "account owner". Also please add links of everybody related to this problem to the letter.

If the person in the photo or the owner of the author's rights doesn't agree to distribute the photo or presents claims, the person who has distributed the photo if fully liable.

Data that helps to identify the violator will be given to state authority according to the law. When uploading photos, please take into consideration that the moderators have the right to decline them if they meet the paragraphs listed above but if their form and content are obscene or may harm somebody.

Limpa.bg moderators decide if the photo doesn't break the terms of service.

Payments and refunds

User can acquire virtual currency and/or Paid Services with credit card (making payment online), SMS or by other method proposed on site. The prices for the services are different, depending on service, payment method and country. Price is always displayed on the site, including Services' section where customer can make a purchase.

Service is activated when transaction has been completed. For credit card payments and SMS this usually means instant activation. User can check one’s payment history at any time using Services section of the site. Virtual currency can’t be refunded. Purchased paid services can not be refunded if activated, however user should contact customer service in case of technical failure in order to get refund. Such refund will be made to the bank account where payment came from or (in case of other payment method) to site’s account in virtual currency.

User can subscribe for Paid Services using credit card (making payment online). Subscription fee for subscription period will be billed upfront to user’s bank account. All subscriptions will be automatically renewed, unless user terminates the subscription before the subscription's expiration date. In case of free trial, customer can cancel subscription any time during trial period with no charges made to customer's bank account.